Warranty Conditions

Items covered by this warranty include:

  • Support Structure, insulating dome, refractory material: 10 years
  • Cooktop, (bedplate) gear-reduction system: 3 years
  • Further and /or different not otherwise specified parts : 12 months
  • Other unspecified parts: 1 year
  • The Warranty covers free repair or replacement of parts that BIANCOGROUP LIMITED considers non-functioning due to defective manufacture or materials
  • The Warranty does not cover damages caused by third-party carriage; inappropropriate or unprofessional installation or maintenance; negligence; misuse; third-party adaptions or non-observance of specific instruction from BIANCOGROUP
  • For technical intervention during the warranty period requests must be submitted in writing to your dealer or manufacturer
  • BIANCOGROUP LTD , by own unquestionable evaluation, then decides to repair parts or replace the machine in full.
  • The decision to repair or replace parts or the whole machine is the sole responsibility of BIANCOGROUP
  • Further manufacturer liability is severely excluded, including direct or indirect damages.
  • Replacement of parts or complete machine does not extend nor renew the warranty period
  • The warranty does not cover shipping costs (including taxes, insurance and other import costs) for replacement parts and replacement machines
  • The warranty does not cover labour costs including travel
  • Defective and substituted parts must be returned to the manufacturer at the customer’s own expense